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Ignite Me Massage Candle

Light one and let it burn. Blow out the flame, then drizzle all-natural melted soy wax from the metal tin onto your partner’s bare skin. Soy melts at a much lower temperature than other waxes, providing warm sensuous massage oil that’s ready to be rubbed in.

Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine “Sexiest Gifts Ever”, and Men’s Fitness Magazine “Save the Planet — with SEX!”

SKU: 31GA0736

  • English Lavender 2 oz. 31GA0736 4 oz. 31GA0735
  • French Vanilla 2 oz. 31GA0732 4 oz. 31GA0731
  • Morning Dew 2 oz. 31GA0734 4 oz. 31GA0733
  • Pomegranate Mint 2 oz. 31GA0730 4 oz. 31GA0729
  • Nude 2 oz. 31GA1003 4 oz. 31GA1004

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“This is soy wax, so it’s not super hot like a Kitregular candle, and it doesn’t stick either. In fact after letting it drip on her I could spread it around her chest and the soy was absorbed into her skin. There was no sticky wax stuck to her as we are accustomed to. Perfect temperature, rubs in, no mess, and super sexy smelling. We definitely want more of these!”

— The Naughty Spot

5.00 out of 5

1 review for Ignite Me Massage Candle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Carnal Nation on June 27, 2012 :

    This massage bar is fantastic. At room temperature, the bar is a solid. However, when it is in your hands, and as it’s rubbed across your lover’s skin, it begins to melt into a rich and luscious massage oil with an intoxicating scent.

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