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Please Silicone Lubricant

The moment you all have been waiting for! We’re very excited to welcome Please Silicone Lube to our lineup! This high-grade silicone lubricant is thin and silky. Perfect for partner play, it’s long-lasting and non-staining. Your customers will definitely notice that this is the longest-lasting lube we’ve ever offered. Because our newest Please Lube is silicone-based, it doesn’t absorb into the body or rub away with friction or moisture. Just a tiny dab stays slippery — whether your customers are looking for a weekend away in the jacuzzi with waterproof toys, enjoying marathon sex with their partners, or just looking for a top notice lubricant that will last as long as they do.

Information to pass along to your customers:
We recommend using a water-based lubricant with silicone toys as some silicone lubricants may damage some silicone toys when used together. If they intend on using a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy, you can suggest covering their toys with a condom in order to avoid incompatible combinations. They can also do a spot test by putting a drop of the silicone lubricant on the bottom of the base of their toy for at least 5 minutes. Wipe it off and check to see if there’s a raised or sticky area, or other reaction. If so, they should cover their toy or use a different lubricant with it.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Dimethiconol.

Additional customer selling points:
Great for customers that have lubricant sensitivities
Slick and silky with long lasting formula
Animal product-free
No bitter taste!
Latex compatible
Bottled in recycled plastic.
Made in the USA

SKU: 1933

  • 2 oz.        22fl1302
  • 8 oz.        22FL1303

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