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Sidekick 1 & 2 Plugs

Starting with a small subtle bulb at the head, the Sidekick plug widens towards the base. The indention at the base means it will stay put during play; nonporous silicone means its easy to clean. Great for customers who want a hands-free anal experience. We designed it’s base to be comfortable when being worn by allowing it to rest comfortable between the cheeks. The perfect shape and size for comfortable anal play, this is one Sidekick your customers will be happy to have by their side!

Additional customer selling points:
Perfect for prostrate stimulation!
Can be worn comfortably while sitting
Made from 100% silicone
Easy to clean and keep clean
Boil it in hot water for optimal cleanliness

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  • Slender tip with subtle curves
  • Ideal shape for anal exploration
  • Quality silicone
  • Sidekick 1: 4″ x 1 1/4″
  • Blue 14BA0609
  • Merlot 14BA0607
  • Sidekick 2: 4 1/2″ x 1 3/8″
  • Blue 14BA0610
  • Merlot 14BA0608

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“Small enough to comfortably and easily slide in and take out. This has been one of the easiest anal plugs for me to get in. Wearing it around the apartment to do chores and whatnot is a lot of fun, too. Keeps me aroused and juicy for when the hubby comes home. It’s even comfortable for me to sit with it in! (I have the small one.)

This pretty little blue boy will definitely be my Sidekick for a long time to come. Sure, I have been getting into bigger anal toys to work up to fitting my hubby in, but this little guy is comfortable and fun. It’s something I can use on a regular basis and not have to warm up to. That’s a major plus.”

— TruePleasures 


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